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메디에센스™ 포뮬러는 인간의 신진대사, 내분비학 및 다이어트에 관한 연구에서 가장 최신의 과학적 진보를 통합한 최첨단 체중 감소 프로그램입니다.
메디에센스™ 비만클리닉은 비수술과 수술 다이어트 시술법 모두 제공합니다. 무료 상담: 213.383.4858
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My body didn’t always reflect my effort even though I had spent enough time at the gym regularly for my entire life. I could say that I always looked fit, but never thin.

I had doubts when I was first introduced to MediEssence, but it soon disappeared when my weight started dropping everyday just like the consultant said. I went on the scale and saw my weight dropping every morning! As time went by, I was almost getting addicted to it.

When I finished a 2 week program, I was 16 pounds lighter. I am glad I found this diet program and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to lose weight.

- M.W., Los Angeles, California


After giving birth to my child, I gained a lot of weight. Since then, about two years have passed and I have yet to lose those extra weight which, I so want to lose. I tried several different dietary products over the counter and I rarely noticed any significant change of weight loss from them. I gave a long thought about taking Mediessence. I tried it for about two weeks and I started to notice significant change in my weight. My belly started to trim away and now I look like before I had a child. Today, I feel better and more confident.

- E.L., Chino Hills, California


I am 62 years old woman and I am not getting any younger. I’m always watching my weight and control what I eat, but I still can’t seem to lose any weight. I am over weight and it has caused some complication to my overall health. Doctor has ordered me to lose some weight before it gets any worse or serious. Because of my age, I didn’t believe anything would help me to lose weight. I tried Mediessence for about two weeks and my appetite for food started to change little bit. I started to lose weight and my overall health started to get better.

- Chin, Rowland Heights, California


I am 20 years old college student. I am not considered over weight, but I am having hard time with my current weight. I have never been an active person since I was a little girl growing up and all the sitting from school to home have caused some discomfort to my body. I seldom have time to exercise because of my busy school schedule, so I decided to eat less to help to reduce discomfort. I had lack of energy because of that strict diet, eating less didn’t really solve the problem until I tried Mediessence diet program. Help from Mediessence and still on a diet with provided protein shakes have increased my energy level and I have also slimmed down to fit smaller dresses.

- Sue, Fullerton, California

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